Pack landed! Golds, TB500 and BPC157


John came thru with these kits!
No complains, due to corona little delay, nothing bad to say and it landed safely, john always keep his words!

Time to heal shoulders, regiment :

Goldtops 2ius ED,
BPC-157 300Mcg ED local,
TB-500 2mg E4D,

will update after month or so

Ordered from
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You can pin that BPC at 500mcg ED, that's the recommended dose. It has a half life of about 4 hours so split it 250mcg morning and 250mcg afternoon. It can suck to pin twice a day but it can make a big difference in 3 weeks.

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i was thinking about doing am/pm shots, due to synergy between tb+bpc i was thinking to use less, but i might try 500mcg bpc/day

i remember that i used years ago only 250mcg/day localy and it helps a lot! great tool !

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Lookong forward to your results. Been considering a similar protocol for my shoulder as well.