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Pack landed !!!


ordered Wednesday , Touchdown today, very neatly packed, Excited to try it soon, just need to pick up a few more things, and drop my bf % down a little, currently sitting at 15%. Great source in terms of T/A and price, and espically communication

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Nice pickup brother. Let us know how it works out for you...

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will do brother !

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The great soso! Thanks for posting bro. Enjoy the goods

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no thank you brother !! will do

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Diet will get you there though...

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yes of course brother, real gains are made in the kitchen ! diet down from 23% body fat so far, 6 pack is there with right lighting, giving minimum two months before i even touch the goodies

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Alright good plan! Glad to see someone not fucking it up trying to make the drugs do the lifting! Or cutting..

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thanks brother !

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