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Nakon medical oxys, winstrol tablets, tri-tren and super test
From osgear
Not used this brand before, look forward to trying it out

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You tried a 3 blend tren before? I’ve never really seen the point. Interested to hear if it’s worth it?

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I've used tri blend lots of times I've had some really good ones before in fact it would be difficult for me to compare as i don't usually do tren enanthate or acetate
I will be posting a review of this one soon though

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Yeah please let me know how you go bro. Got some of this to try as well, but won’t start for a few weeks so if it’s worth it I’ll order more.

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I've used a tri blend and it's not what you'd think but you you've got to start low and very slowly work up. Which these days I don't run tren higher than 200mgs

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Thank you for the TD picture and enjoy the products!