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  • PallMall   •   Thu, Jul 25th, '19 19:26   •   3 replies, 348 views

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Didn't see any pictures of thus product up yet.

Took part in recent promo and ordered 8 kits and got 2 free.
These are the batch that "may" cause red welts, I have injected it subq in my abdomen with no red welts so far. We'll see as time goes on I guess.

Packaging says 5 x 2ml vials containing 13mg somatropin each, actual vial says 3 mg. Probably a typo, I asked MGT and we'll see what he says.

Plan is 4iu of these ED, 2iu AM / 2iu PM added to my current cycle of test/deca and some other stuff I'm going to experiment with.

Will update with a review in a month or two.


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  • Livelife76
  • 12 months ago

That is odd, nice order hope it goes well for you man enjoy

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  • stairmaster
  • 12 months ago

remove box...

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Are you even aware of what the box says?