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Hot and heavy into off season. Still trying to find that fine line between training jiujitsu and bodybuilding.

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Its refreshing to see wheels exposed! Especially when you're covered everywhere else!! Good Shit +1

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Beast mode bro... Its one thing to train to support ur sport, but Training like an athlete and a bb is taxing. Good thing is u get plenty of hiit, bad thing is recovery suxs and chance of injury gets higher.. Don't go hard at jj and focus on technique. Don't grip hard and hold back on explosive maneuvers. Play counter constructive. Looking great.. no homo. +1

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Got the calum von-moger look/feel, nice work.

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Nice. Lookin lean and solid. I can’t imagine combining in some jiu jitsu several times a week and still managing to grow. I imagine you have to eat pretty damn good.

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