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+ 1 Odin GW non-authentic


Odin gw501516 just landed 7 business days Domestic. So when confirmed on Odin site they said fake. Also the lot and exp on the bottles does not match the box. Little disappointed and am gonna reach out to seller. I guess with Odin track record lately I should’ve known better. But by no way am placing blame on seller

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If you check our website https://www.check-odin.com as Odin's official supplier validation site.
You will see that we are THE ONLY "PLATINUM SUPPLIER" in the sources listed here. You can check other sources also to make sure.
And the issue is probably caused by technical issue at authentic manufacturer side.
But you are free (also we advise you) to report this situation to Odin Anabolics with the numbers and product pictures. And mention them where did you buy it..
If it's not a technical issue, they will listed as scam. And immediately cancel our approved supplier status.

As the quality of authentic Odin Products, there's not much to say. Not only our customer. Authentic Odin is supplied by many sources here for long time.

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You can get the Odin Labs products with cheapest price from our website. Please check our website. Have a nice day

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Heard nothing but bad things about odin.

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Please do not listen them. Odinpharma is a really good labs. If you want to test it, please inform me so you can decide about it yourself.

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Odin Labs is shipping hundreds of packages and I can tell you that we did not receive any negative feedback about their products. In order to clear your doubt, we will send the products for analysis and share the labs results with you in a short while. Have a nice day

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Hello Aannutto

Let me explain the situation to you this way. This situation might be arising from 2 reasons.

1st of all you can check the Odin Labs products from the website of Odin for one time only. If you try to verify the same product for two times, the system will now allow you.

2nd reason is that Odin has changed the boxes and they updated their website. As old qr codes are not on the system, unfortunately you cannot verify the product.

Please kindly send a message to www.odinpharma.asia with you tracking number to check the legitimacy of the products. We are the only premium seller on this platform, I would like to inform you about that as well. Have a nice day

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Please do not think I was blaming you for any of this. I fully understand that you are only the reseller. I have had a great relationship with your company and plan to keep it that way. I have reached out to Odin. I am currently awaiting a response from them. Thank you for at least reaching out

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First if all I want to inform you that customer satisfaction comes before anything else for us. The things that you have said are really serious. We will definitely evaluate this issue. If you have any product in your stock that you are not satisfied with, please send it us so we can send it for analys. Or if you have any other recommendations, we can proceed with it. Goroids always take the complaints of the customers seriously.

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Thank you for warning us. You can be sure that we will follow up this issue. We will do whatever is necessary after understanding the situation. Thank you again for the help

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Odin is really digging themselves a big hole.

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Yeah I have had good luck with goroids in past as well. Can’t blame them. Just a crap break to get fake shit. Guess that just how it goes sometimes in this game.

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Yeah I just followed your lead and reached out to Odin. Gonna wait on a response and see if they give the same response they gave you. If they can give some reassurance then I would be willing to give the gear a shot.