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  • Vargr   •   Tue, Aug 4th, '20 20:25   •   3 replies, 190 views

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Made another order from RB. Great place to get gear. This was a domestic order. It was at my door in 7 days. Awesome! I've heard a lot of good about Odin anabolics, never tried them though.
Thought I would give them a try. I still have several items coming in until I can start my cycle but I hope they are as good as I've heard they are.
BTW, When you get Odin gear domestically, apparently they are not in the box and the lot #s are the same sometimes.. I've researched this and that's how it seems to be. So don't freak shit like I did thinking you got some crazy bunk stuff.


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  • Sosa123
  • 2 months ago

Their anadrol is on point ! I just finished it

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How much mass did you build? I’m thinking bout buying anadrol 50 . I’ve been running their testosterone right now. Definitely legit

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  • Legion of Doom
  • 2 months ago

Let us know how the pip is on the megatest bro.