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Odin Anavar, Test C, Clomid


Ordered these Odin products from RoidBazaar and they did not come in any boxes or packaging whatsoever. Also is it normal that the Lot and Expiration on all three of these products is exactly the same? Also I would like to verify the authenticity with the authentication code that was supposed to come with these products, however nothing was provided. Seems off.

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Hey bro,
I've had several orders from RB and they are legit. I had the same question about my order that just came in today for Odin. No boxes, no verification code and the lots all the same. It was a little unsettling for me too.
That's why I found your post actually, (research). But sounds like its all good.
How did you gear treat you? I asked because its my first run with Odin. Heard good things though,
I'll know soon enough i guess.

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I’m getting my Odin test 250 tomorrow, not sure if it will be in the little boxes, I love the design of the packages

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I’m running the anadrol it’s doing as it suppose to do I didn’t get the boxes as well but it’s quality and potent .... you’ll enjoy !

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It's fine bro. I have ordered Odin gear a few times from RB and they don't always come with boxes. I see the same thing with the lot and exp. The labels were all printed at the same time with the same numbers or something.

I've been running the Odin Mast E 200 and Odin Tren E 200 for over 6 weeks and it's great. There's another guy running the Odin Test C and 2 other Odin compounds and making gains with pics and blood work posted.

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You are in good hands with RB my bro!!

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Thanks for the responses everyone! Looks like this brand and site is well respected in this community. Appreciate the comments.

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Everything from RB is always legit and top quality, Odin has great feedback from everyone

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Everything is pefectly fine run the gear u will see.

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Looking at photos of other Odin products, looks like the lot and the expiration is exactly the same everywhere...

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Yeah unfortunately alot of ugl put there experaition dates on the labels which they should do , or if there gunna do that then they should leave it blank on the label and find a way to stamp or write or print it on the label once the batch is done, cause what whind up happening is they get stuck with a bunch of left over labels with the same batch number, that's why I kinda like hilma alil cause there batch numbers are actually on there boxes and it's left blank on the box till there done with the batch and then they come up with a number and it gets press stamped onto the amount of boxes for that batch this way they don't get stuck with a bunch of labels with the same batch number cause there not gun a go and throw away or waste 10-20 thousand labels....

But everyone has been loving Odin's products expecially the test cyp and anavars, dbols, and anadrols from everything IV read and seen so far and someone just recently got bloods done and they came back really good believe it was littleginger , could be wrong so don't hold me to it 100 percent.... Plus anything RB carries from the brands to his pharmacy grade products are all 100 percent genuine top quailty, plus RB is the type of guy if u ever have an issue or something happens he gets right on it and takes care of u and the situation , other srcs tell u all well shit outta luck it's ur fault the whole nine meanwhile it's not and usually postal but RB is highly respected in this group and community cause of his top notch service and just being an all around good guy

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Many ugls print out tons of stickers. They dont change them regardless of batch.

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