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3 weeks in. Tons of protein. Sloppy diet (will clean that up soon)
Deca - 300 mgs week
TestE - 300 mgs week
Win - 10 mgs everyday (few hours before the gym)

Thanks 87

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Damn big bro

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Look great but I have to be honest, 4 years ago , you will find many corrections from the mods and professionals here (no names mention),about the deca and test ratio , also many questions about why 10mgs win , they do nothing , also win with deca , what are you trying to achieve with this .
But if some people I know didn't comment or correct , then I step a side .
Your body great , but the gear companion are wrong .

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Bro ,
First , beter if you say how many cycke under your belt as first .
I learned when you start a cycle , start it good or don't start , it's body not a rat laboratory, try to stack cut gear woth each other, if first time for deca , try then NPP , will give you better result and faster and if your body react bad to deca , then you see it from NPP .
If you want to try win , then do it right with their cut stack , otherwise its money wasting, no more .

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Great job

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good mass gain

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Looking great

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