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3 weeks in. Tons of protein. Sloppy diet (will clean that up soon)
Deca - 300 mgs week
TestE - 300 mgs week
Win - 10 mgs everyday (few hours before the gym)

Thanks 87

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Looking good buddy, keep doing what you're doing. Personally I prefer a higher test to deca ratio to mitigate sides, and if you have joint issues (I do) winstrol will not be your friend. Frankly, and it's just an opinion, unless you're going to be competitive, there's a list of drugs to stay away from. I'd put winstrol on that list.

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Thanks brother! I’ve heard that people usually run higher on the test but in my mind I was thinking about low doses - but in regards to Deca/test ration you are absolutely right. So do you think I should up to 400/500 mgs TestE? The goal is to one day be competitive which is why I wanted to trial Win. When I up the does to 40 mgs I just look shredded and I know my body at least looks god on it lol. Health wise prob not the best. Please PM me with some knowledge on the ones to stay away from..thank you!!

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Look great but I have to be honest, 4 years ago , you will find many corrections from the mods and professionals here (no names mention),about the deca and test ratio , also many questions about why 10mgs win , they do nothing , also win with deca , what are you trying to achieve with this .
But if some people I know didn't comment or correct , then I step a side .
Your body great , but the gear companion are wrong .

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Hey brother good question and any feedback would be much appreciated in cycles (new to this). As far as lean mass I was told to run Deca with some test at low doses and if you wanted to add a kicker - a little bit of win in the beginning. My body responds well to low doses - which is why I’m on the low end of the win. Plus this is my first time adding it to a stack so curiosity peaked my interest too.

I’m mainly using the Deca though for joints which I know is useless with the win, which is why I will be cutting it out soon. I really just wanted to see what my body would look like on this stack for a few weeks. Any advice or knowledge please throw at me brother!! I’ll FR you too

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Bro ,
First , beter if you say how many cycke under your belt as first .
I learned when you start a cycle , start it good or don't start , it's body not a rat laboratory, try to stack cut gear woth each other, if first time for deca , try then NPP , will give you better result and faster and if your body react bad to deca , then you see it from NPP .
If you want to try win , then do it right with their cut stack , otherwise its money wasting, no more .

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This will be my second cycle - first was dbol/TestE for 8 weeks. Body reacted very well to low dose of D but did not like the water retention (a friend of mine suggested I start this stack as my first) Not sure if he was right or wrong hence why I’m here lol. Everyone here says that I should have taken TestE first which I’m sure I should have done.

So far Deca feels good..not having any crazy side effects. I did some research on NPP and it seemed intriguing - aren’t Deca and NPP made up of the same compound?

Thank you for the constructive feedback and directness! I agree with everything you said..Ill be dropping the win today and will continue running Deca/TestE. Today will mark the 4 week point . I still need to get my bloods ASAP. Anymore advice feel free to throw at me bro. Much appreciated again.

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Great job

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Thanks guys!! Right now I’m eating tons of protein and lots of calories. In a few weeks I’ll begin dieting/cutting.

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good mass gain

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Looking great

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