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+ 3 First Bloodwork


Hey guys!

My bloods just came in from Quest. Currently running parapharmas gear from TeamRoids.

Switched from NoExcuses gear to Para 5 weeks ago
**Also pinned 250mg Test/150 Deca (split) 4 days prior to getting bloods

Week 10 (tried to get them sooner but mixup)
Test E - 500mgs wk (pinning 2x250mgs)
Deca - 300mgs wk (pinning once)
Arimidex every 3 days - .25.

Estro definitely seems a bit high but have been feeling ok. This is my first blood test so seniors please let me know your thoughts/suggestions. Open to ALL feedback. Thanks guys!!

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Would be nice to see it a little higher. At 500mg I would expect around 2K+ so you are not too far off. Hard to tell how efficiently you metabolize test until you get another blood test or two taken to see where you typically fall. Study posted by MegaT had an average of 2370 at 600mg/wk with pharma test. Estro is at top end but I would ride it there if you are not experiencing any negative side effects. Estro is anabolic so the higher you can ride it without experiencing side effects the better. I just worry about higher estro readings when using a 19-nor. Estro creep can help to throw prolactin out of whack which puts you in a world of hurt. When running a 19nor I would always suggest getting prolactin checked. Make sure you have caber on hand.

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What’s the batch number on that Para test e?

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its 4 days post injection though... im not too surprised