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No Excuses Promo Order


Placed a order for 6 EQ, 3 Tren E, 2 NPP, 1 TNE, 2 Anavar 50, 2 Nolva, 1 HCG. Donation sunday landed today. Thanks John for hella fast shipping and great service.

Ordered from: 
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Thats such a great site right there

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SUPERMAN huh. Cialis on its own gives me super powers, can’t imagine that mix!!

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Nice bro i haven't used TNE in awhile might have to jump on that. Good luck with your cycle boss.

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Damn nice order my friend, sure you can handle all that by yourself? If not you know I'm ready to jump in with an assist right?

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Lol, I'm sure you are!
Actually not all for me. Got a homeboy that is scary so needs me to order for him when I order lol.

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Know what you mean, got a few buddies like that too, think LE is gonna hand deliver the pack and take them for a ride.