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  • Runescoop   •   Wed, Feb 5th, '20 21:22   •   11 replies, 665 views

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read the description before comment or downvote because I "didnt run my cycle to your standards"

went from 186-202lbs

roughly 8 weeks winny (10 days of that being from ultima and the rest being from hilma)
8 weeks 500mg ultimatren
12 weeks 500mg test e from Mr.Raise

no diet at all just eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted (stupid I know but didn't care about putting on fat or anything just size and tren/winny was to not be super bloated lol... if i wanted to cut i would have had a strict diet im not an idiot)


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  • DbolAndAll
  • 7 months ago

8 weeks winny lmao, youre too young man and too wreckless not eating the right shit while on cycle
-2 cause you too a oral that's way too harsh on your HDL to do it for 8 weeks.

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  • Sam I Am
  • 8 months ago

I see nothing there that couldn’t have been done drug free.
-2 your to young.

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  • bundlz
  • 8 months ago

Il bet you aint 18

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im 21

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  • Pxpxp
  • 8 months ago

Well you put on weight like you wanted, so congrats on that. It’s your choice bro to be on a diet or not! You paid for the gear, and you get what you put in.

It sounds like the goal was to gain.., so you achieved it.

Your in college and I am guessing your natural test is good, so taking all these compounds together is going to jack you up in the future. Your a big boy and no one will tell you different. So make sure to put your health first bro.

Good luck

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  • Runescoop
  • 8 months ago
  • @Pxpxp

Doctor already agreed to put me on trt if I stop taking gear aswell :). he also said he would monitor my test and make sure it’s at the top level that it would be naturally.

Thank you for not hating I litteraly see no reason why people get mad about shit like this especially when I recognize what I’m doing isn’t the best I can be but hey it’s working out and I can always just cut and diet whenever I want naturally and not have to use gear for it

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Hey man I stopped giving people shit that are twenty one and taking gear , ur old enough to drink and old enough to get in serious trouble and held accountable, so why shouldn't u take gear now younger then that and I think it's alil crazy I think any younger and u really need to be monitored by a doctor and to try and only use mild compounds, but I don't see the point alot of the guys on the stage competing are all in the earily to mid twenty alot some in the thirty or mid thirty's but alot hit the stage in the mid twenty's , so u gotta start somewhere but that being said u should aprouch it as smart as u can and as healthy as u can, alot of people see the gear as being the most dangerous sometimes I would almost say all the protien and food more so the protien some people consume is more dangerous.... I mean ur processing broken down muscle fibers along with all the protien that isn't easy that's why u need to be taken something to fleshing ur system I believe with fluids and also I think sometimes it's good to decrease protien in take for a week or two and drink plenty of fluids ur not gunna loose all ur gains by taking two weeks off to give ur liver and kidneys a break, but I don't see anything with running gear at twenty one if ur doing it smart and I think at that age u should be doing a cycle and coming off completely for atleast eight to ten weeks and then going back on if u want I think u stay fresher that way for sure and if u want when u hit thirty if u wanna blast and then come down to like 100mgs of test a week I don't see anything wrong there but I think if u blast and then come back down and cruise at 250-300mgs of test u mine as well as not take a break that's basically like a mini test cycle.... Ur old enough to make informed decision just be smart and be mature about it research and learn read study know what ur doing and really think if it's something u want to do and plan on doing for sometime if u do it right ull always be able to stop if u want and not have screwed urself up

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  • Molinin302
  • 8 months ago

I tried with you. Gave you a great piece of advice. I dunno man, I just don't know...
Good luck with the organs man, I tried.
Ya know what man, I took the time to explain liver function. I'm really getting it now.

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Im not on this anymore... this is just me posting everything that was done and I still had saved.

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  • wanted
  • 8 months ago

Sooo what are you trying to say ????
Your the perfect example of some young child who shouldnt take steroids... what a waste of a 12 week cycle cause you tooo F-ing lazy to do it the RIGHT WAY and DIET RIGHT...
Thanks again for proving all these guys right THAT UNDER 25 years is to immature to Do things the right way...
You think you gona come to eroids with the GROWN FOLKS and you are to lazy to have a proper DIET ... very unfortunate bro to look back and SAY DABM how much better you would of looked if you werent Sooooo LAZY

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Completely agree, I am taking the fast easy way just to put on size/muscle/strength and I love it. Never worked out in high school was a fat kid with the skater flip hair and now I’m in college and am rushing results. I have no reason to lie nor do I think it’s smart what I’m doing... but I am being safe health wise by going to the dr and getting bloodwork regularly.