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Thought I would post a pic before my cycle starts. I will be running 87’s Test E at 500 mg a week. Been off for a good six months. Amy criticism is welcome. Thanks

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The 40 + group got your back buddy. You put in the work in the kitchen then the gym and worlds can change. Do you track macros. If not great time to do so

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My advice.. I’m guessing this is your first cycle. It’s a mild(er) cycle, but can really jack with you if your not used to higher doses of testosterone.

My advice, start slow. Test E will take several weeks to start kicking in.. so don’t jump the gun and take more!!!!!! Don’t! !!!
You will feel it- just wait.

Test gives me bad anxiety at higher doses. 500 mg for my first cycle gave me a little. But you will start getting some pimples and oily skin. And some guys get (meathead syndrome), so chill- your not a pro body builder at 500 mg of test. I see it all the time bro!!

Lastly, you have a good base, moderately lean, and you have some good mass. #1- get your diet perfect! It’s not worth all the work if the diet is off! Get all you can out of it.

Most important!!!!! Keep your blood pressure under control!!! At 47, (and all lifters) need to manage their BP. Your BP will spike.

But other than that- I give you props for starting small.. some guys go ball in on the first cycle.

And lastly, have your PCT ready before your cycle begins. And have an AI on hand too.

But enjoy buddy and let’s see some post cycle pics when your done.

Hope that helped

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Sound advice brother.. Blood pressure can be a deal breaker, deffinately affects ur quality of life at this age. I liked how u said

get ur diet perfect,

that's exactly what it takes. A good diet is for young men, but at late 40's, it takes a great diet.. Health and bloodwork is top priority..

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Ok my brother, here some criticism from me..

Amy criticism is welcome.

U are about to experience some serious strength gains and endurance. Do not over workout or bit off more weight than ur 47 Y/O ligaments can handle. I can tell it's been more than 6 months of lack of training. Be humble, there's a reason why we tell newbs that they need to gain all the potential of their natty muscle before moving towards performance compounds. I see u just joined, probably going thru some serious life shit. Fuck, no judging that,, alot of us been rite there! But make sure ur natty potential is 100% and ur diet is on point. Otherwise, ur in for a disappointing result..

I'm gonna give u a + just for sharing brother.. stay healthy and fit..

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Great advice ^^^

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Thanks for the insight brother.

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Are you planning on doing a PCT or do you currently do TRT?

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Going to do a PCT. Not ready to give up my balls just yet. Lol.

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Get some HCG

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I gotcha!!
Well let us all know how it goes!!

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87 has some potent gear. Don’t forget to post a after shot.

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Will do brother. Thanks

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