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+ 2 New Stock And Thank You On Our 7th Spot On The Leader Board


Super Stoked Right now and a huge thank you is due. We have hit the 7th Spot on the Rankings and that’s all down to you guys so thank you, it means the world to us. You know by now I get excited when our list expands and here comes Viogen/Stallion adding a lot of width to our range. Christmas came early. Enjoy.

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Sweet!! I like the expansion

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Can't wait til my order gets in. Fucking mail carrier.

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Halloween candy!!!! Pass out the dbol for trick or treaters(me)

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If that’s you in your pic my brother you certainly don’t need it!!! Looking sharp bro

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Great stock , enjoy!

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Thanks Trash, getting there my guy!

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Smashing it mate!

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Each day at a time brother. As I like to say, Rome wasn’t built in a day… But it f***ing got built!

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Movin on up!

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The climb is on boss

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Btw AWESOME for the 7th spot. That’s serious!!!

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Checking the site out now man, is it all on there yet?

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All on the site now blue!

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Half of it yes, give it a few more hours and the rest will be my friend.