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  • Edit new Balkan orals, sp eq and npp

  • Gymfoam86   •   Fri, Mar 22nd, '19 08:43   •   3 replies, 172 views

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first crack at the new Balkan orals... how is everybody liking them? noticed much of a difference or adjusted dosages? and of course sp eq and npp, always crystal clear and smooth, new amps r pretty

hopefully the rest of my order goes smooth, love ashop, but the shipping from these countries has been a bitch


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  • GizmoDuck
  • 4 weeks ago

Dang. Looks like something from Willy Wonka’s factory!

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  • Gymfoam86
  • 4 weeks ago

ya I requested in for a few items... I didnt get it for everything, but I did these so il be grateful for that

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  • jp82088
  • 4 weeks ago

All in original packaging!!