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Naps promo just touched down. 2X Ultima Semeaglutide. T/A under 7 business days. Full review to follow after product usage. I haven’t ordered anything from Naps in a few years and got in the promo to see if they were still rocking like they used to. So far so good!

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Semaglutide made me nauseous all day. I’ve heard Tirzepatide has less sides. My wife was on it before getting pregnant and had great results and no side effects. Let us know how it goes.

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My wife and I have been running it since May of 2023 with amazing results. The first month was rough but after muscling through that the GI sides went away. I take an OTC acid blocker (one a day/24 hour pill) and keep Meclazine (probably spelled that wrong) on hand for nausea flare ups.

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That’s awesome it’s working well for you and the wife though.

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I somehow still ate like junk (and a lot of it) when I took it. I didn’t last too long though.

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A relative of mine is obese and two months ago started sema at 0,25 twice a week
He has literally been melting away simply because his appetite went down by 80% (as per his own words). Powerful compound.

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It truly is an incredible compound. The effect it has on blood sugar levels is especially impressive. I’m not diabetic and have never been at risk, but I do check my blood sugar regularly.

I’ve been at 2mg/week for a few months now and my blood sugar never goes above 120. I ate an 8 oz filet mignon, full baked potato and roasted broccoli last Sunday and checked my blood sugar 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes after…it never rose above 114.

I used to eat my pre-workout meal 45 minutes prior to lifting but had to roll that back to 90 minutes prior due to the delayed stomach emptying effects of sema. I noticed that I wasn’t “feeling” the pump until the tail end of my workouts and realized that it was because the nutrients weren’t entering my system as quickly.

It’s an incredibly powerful compound and nothing to be taken lightly!

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Start low dose. Avoid that sickness

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No kidding! My wife and I have both been using it since April of last year. I was puking and had literally no desire to eat anything for the first week at only 0.25 mg. I can’t imagine what it would be for someone who gets head strong and jumps in at a higher dose --