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  • Cornish_Celt   •   Sat, Jun 4th, '11 06:35   •   5 replies, 1810 views

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Pro-Chem Anavar 50mg
Alpha Pharma Testorapid(Prop)
Alpha Pharma Masterbolin
Anastrozole(Pharma grade)
Bayer Schering Primobolan
Alpha Pharma Rexobol(50mg Winny tabs


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  • sparkys
  • 9 years ago

ive just receeived the same bayer schering primobolan myself how do you rate them mate,are they legit as i was a bit suspect about mine it was the coloured rings around the top of the ampoules was very sloppy compared to another batch i picked up from another supplier and they never came in original packaging also the blue dot was not consistent on all amps some dot bigger than others and more prominent on the other batch blue dot was exactly the same on all amps, they look good but so many fakes about i will post up some pics , would like to hear how you got on

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  • Raohs Aura
  • 9 years ago

is pro-chem anavar legit? I am interested in this...

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  • Logansrun73
  • 9 years ago

Looks like a nice bit of gear

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  • Cornish_Celt
  • 9 years ago

I've used a some alpha pharma before, The Tamoxifen is very good, The tren Hex is excellent and the prop is very good, this will be my first time using theit masteron and winny tabs

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  • BFG
  • 9 years ago

ha, nice little pack you've put together. Have you used aplha pharma before?