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With 86 kg I started taking Dp cypionat 500mg, 0.5 0.5 arimidex and 60mg dp danabol weekly and completed 12 weeks.
Then I ran Dp winstrol 50 ed with Dp Cutmix150 and dp Propionat eod. I am 91 kilograms lean. Nice experience

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You look GREAT. And I commend you on your top picture choice of ALMOST showing dick root..but NOT showing dick root. I understand when guys lean out they start feeling the need to show dick root. I personally don't understand it. I'm around 6-7% and not once have I ever posed for a picture and thought "you know what... better pull my shorts down a little further so my dick root is showing" I commend you for fighting off the urge. You ALMOST did...but didn't. Showing dick root is the equivalent of having the top of one of your balls exposed as it hangs down ever so slightly JUST passed the leg opening of your underwear. It's also an early warning sign homosexuality. If you ARE a gay then that's fine and dick root is expected. But if you aren't a gay and you show dick root then you might have caught gayness and been unaware of it.

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Looking shredded! You can never go wrong with DP

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Fuck yeah looking good

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Nice job. Congratulations on your improvement
So what have you learned to better yourself next cycle

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I followed a low-carb diet. Next time I'll gradually increase the carbs after I burn fat . My equipment was inadequate. I used low mg. I could have made it higher.

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Good work brother !!!

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Good progress brother+1

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A before picture prior to this cycle would assist us in accessing your progress. I clicked on your avatar to view older photos and noticed your picture contains your face. Although it is blurry, you can be made out. Please boot your face out for your own protection as well as providing a before picture for a frame of reference.

good lean physique by the way.

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I took what you said into consideration. Thank you

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