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what do you guys think, bottles measure 5 cm but vial are different from EC website. Source said for Canada and USA bottles look like this, so what do you guys think......

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I never said those are the actual eurochem labs, but they are legit. Seems like your a bit testy bro chill.

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Chinese knock-offs, very common. Usually they do contain active steroid, but it's hit or mis.

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comment deleted, user has at least 22 fake accounts

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clones ....seems t be common pratice now for alot of these guys who cat be bothard to promote a new lab ect

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Whats up bro, I have these exact ones. Mine are definitely legit, so I say your g2g. I was suspicious of mine being fake, once I took a look at there site. It's certainly not the case, my libido is sky high, oily skin, and up 13lbs in 9 weeks.