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Little order during offer



I finished soon my last Rimo Bayer, i continue with the Stealth Alin Methenolone Enanthate and some oral SP dbol

25 ml Methenolone Enanthate 100 Stealth
60 pills Methandienone 50 mg SP

The Methenolone look like water when i transfered from stealth to vial, usually i take Bayer's Rimobolan and she is more viscous (stealth really looks like water)

For Dbol i plan to cute the pill in 4 and start at 12.5mg before workout, i up the dose depend the feeling, i think going with 25mg in totality.

First time with SP oral and Stealth Primo.

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Nice Dude!

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Thanks !
Never used SP , i hope the quality are great ;-) same for Stealth.

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Top shelf.

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You have some exp with this products ?
Thanks ! Not easy to find a good UG Primo ;-)