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  • Edit Legit huma from goroids or steroidhub

  • Pounds23   •   Wed, Mar 20th, '19 18:12   •   1 reply, 146 views

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Whinded up with a legit 72iu humatrope from goroids, everything checked out when I scanned the qr code all the numbers matched up it was, packed and secured well, so even if postal shook it around it would degraded the gh which I deff liked, ta wasn't to bad exactly what was on the mentioned ta about 12 days possible even less, leaflet is also tacted down so proves to me again another quailty showing that it's legit also the paper is the right thinness, brailes are in the right apots and the color is the right yellow for the newer design of humas..... Big thank you to goroids for the 100 percent legit humatrope ,steroidhub was super easy to deal with he kept in contact the whole time to let me know what was up and what was going on u can ask for much more then that in a srcs, for newbies u guys just gotta be patient on these into order expecially when using certain paying options certain ones take longer then others to process, as long as u order from a good srcs ur stuff will come, and alot of times it's up to postal and all the checks and balances it's gotta go through going into one place to another just be patient and take ur time, my dad always said patiences is a vertue and if u wait long enough ull catch the biggest fish and of course I always did ya right he smoked me lol. Anyway great srcs great guy great genuine product order away guys and order with confidence


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  • Hussein Almesri
  • 2 months ago

Hi dude
How was the hgh is it legit?