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Have ordered many times from this source over the past decade. Clockwise from top left:

Test E/Tren E 400mg
Mast E 200mg
NPP 100mg
Injectable Superdrol 40mg
Epistane 10mg x 100
Proviron 25mg x 50

Ordered from: 
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How was the epi?

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Also curious to hear

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Wow them vials and tabs look sexy !

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Lol I saw your Epi comment lol. Yeah some folks like it.

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Enjoy bro

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I ran a bottle of that test/tren blend and liked it.

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Yeah, definitely a future go-to, if it's available. Ordered one bottle, and It liked it so much I ordered a 2nd a few months later, extending my cycle.

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Good deal bro

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the granite counter really makes those tablets pop

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Most definitely. That's exactly what I was thinking.

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Literally the only upgrade my cheap-azz landlord made before I moved in smdh

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