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  • 79

+ 10 Labs on gh


31.9 on 12ius 3 hrs prior iam sold

Ordered from: 
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Thanks for the bloods +2

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Nice #'s bro +1

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Seeing a # over 30 consistently is extremely motivating

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Is this real life? Finally quality generics +1

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Nice numbers getting 2 more kita myself

Owes a Review × 2
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Thanks for posting +1

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Hey look someone followed through ! Thanks for the Test. This helps out a lot I'm thinking about buying bulk but would like too see more test done. Thanks +3

In a promo × 1
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Thanks for the post bro. +2

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Very nice. Thanks for doing this.

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No problem fellas good to b part of helping community learned so much from all u big guys pmob fit and the like gona grab a few more of these n some pharma n c what happens