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+ 2 Lab test: HGH Serum, IGF-1


I've intramuscular and sub-q injected 4iu of godtropin for 3 weeks before I got this lab done. On the day of the lab i injected 8iu intramuscular into my delt at 8:35a.m. And had my blood drawn at 11:30a.m.. Those are my results. The reason why my igf-1 is average is due to taking 2.5mg of letro e3d. Now I had no idea that letro or any ai or serm would hinder your igf-1 levels. But after researching I found just that. And this test proves it as well. HGH serum is good though. Sleep is great! Recovery is great! And my energy is great with the consideration of me taking letro, it usually makes me really tired. I'll have to say that I've really enjoyed my experience with this product so far. I'll def be purchasing more. Matt keeps his word on what he says he's going to do and is great with communication about and with his product. #TeamGodtropin

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It would be really interesting to see if once the ai is out of your system if igf returns to a peak, or if you need to dose your gt again.

My solution without more. Data is to do the math half life of the ai.... Wake up early 0400 take ai, say work out at noon, pin gh at 1600

Any thoughts?

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its just a proof of the article i posted : anti estrogen affect igf1 level

high gh serum, low igf1, so the gh didnt convert to IGF1. Anti estrogen stuff affect a lot the IGF1 level. But the conversion of hgh to igf is only a small aspect of the benefits of hgh. You still can get benefits of the fat loss ,anti aging ,better recovery and good sleep etc But the amount of cell proliferation will be minimized due to the lack of igf. To counter this you would have to administer insulin with the hgh so that igf can form in the liver. But this is only necessary if the goal of using the hgh was muscle gain. Otherwise fat loss wont be affected and most people wouldnt even notice unless they had bloods to prove. Its a very small difference. Almost unnoticeable. Thats likely why he thought he would get 550 on igf.

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If thats true then how the hell do you stack gh with gear, I guess you just deal with sides? I dose as high as 700-750 mg of test, would probably get the sides if I didn't run an ai, does caber do this too?

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No problem man. I didn't know either until a friend pointed it out to me. There's not a lot of info about it on the Internet that I could find, but this test proves it.