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Alright, given the pricing, had to give these guys a shot and ordered the Supreme Hgh line. Had the delivery within 3 days - awesome.

Opened it up and I received Deluxe instead of Supreme. Sent an email asking what could be done. Figured they’d make me whole and send an equivalent amount of Deluxe or Standard to line up the iu’s.

But no. Guy says he’s reshipping. Three days later, I’ve got my original order of Supreme Hgh.

That’s just awesome service and looking forward to getting up and running with this and getting bloods done. If the quality is as good as the customer service, these guys have definitely earned some repeat business from me.

Review to follow with bloodwork once appropriate.

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Thank you for posting my man!

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Definitely set up for a nice run

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For sure- very generous hook-up

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I've had great results with his hgh and customer service has been great too. How much do you plan on running?

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I’ve been running another source at 5 iu’s, split morning and pre-workout. Almost out of my supply and overdue for IGF-1 bloods on this run. Going to get bloods, switch, and run at the same for a few weeks to get a true comparison. After that, would like to bump it up just a bit to 6iu’s if I can get away with it.

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I've was running 5iu's a night of Supreme A and now running 5iu's a night of Deluxe C. I don't feel any need to go higher.

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Years ago I pushed it to 10 iu’s and the morning hand pain just got really old. These days 5 has been a much better number for me as well. But what if six is even better? Lol, this is why I don’t gamble