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I dont have the confidence to post a full body pic, yet. Consequence of a tight diet. Lots of carbs and protein. Weight around 203. Havnt Cycled since last year. Been on for over a week, daily injections of Raises gear, my strength has really increased. I'm really feeling good about this Tren A and NPP 150. Will do weekly updated. Thank you for those whom competed in the last EBC. Thanks yall

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Jeez I was wondering like Holly shit that isn't acne and I was like couldn't be from injections or maybe he's having a bad reaction but not that makes plenty of sense they look exactly like when I was attacked by wasp and man did it not only hurt but boy did I get fucked up and I ran two blocks and still got fucked up and the wasp the fucked me up bite and also got me with something that's like a posion cause not only did it blow up the spots but it felt likey.skin was on fire burning and felt like someone took a 10 Guage and just kept sticking me don't wish that upoun anyone lol I had to run into someone house they thought I was nuts cause I was all red and swollen in spots once I put my hands up and fell to the ground the got I wasn't a threat only thing that helped was that shot and also a shot of morphine so I know exactly how u feel and feel ur pain hey auds are looking pretty good too man nice and vascular just keep hitting away I'll get where u want to doesn't happen over night not even with compounds don't rush take ur time rushing is how u fuck urself up brother then ur out of the game totally just keep plucking away till u build that master piece

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Thanks for the kind and optimistic words. And the middle bite is from a small, younger lab. It could have been worse. Yes, when those wasps go after you, they are relentless and will get you. I have one on the back of my neck. 2 of them came after me. I was back pedaling waving and swatting then away but they came hard and out of control; nothing that I could do about it

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If and when I'm not being bit by a dog, and no matter what I do to keep ones home and yard healthy and clean, out comes the Ants pile or my luck of a wasp hive to make this God given job harder.