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+ 6 Jano Results for DC Tom


24 Jano test results. From the Purity of the raws i use, to the dosaging of pills and injectables

Ill do some more things like the T400, Deca, Eq, Sustanon coming up (i think thats all thats left). Im going to redo the primo as well (This was a small batch) I accept the responsibility on missing it by 15mg. Its been discounted since its been on the store with the weekend sales so that made me feel better but i still do not like to give you guys anything that far under. This is why i test my raw purities too. Had my raw purity been only 90% then id understand my miss. But its 98+% as most my raws always are so i have to look at myself and just know i missed the mark.

Also i sent multiple pills out and i dont just show the BEST results. They vary. Most will. Most just wont show those. Id be naive to say or think every single pill falls 100% the same as the next. I asked for mulit test on Var and Win as theyve been questioned. So there ya go

More Test are being prepped. Ill Do some AIs for you guys as well.

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Will you have any test results for 2023 for your Orals or any going into 2024?

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Kick ass man will be ordering soon from you again

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As for what’s coming up, haven’t seen TrenA200 tested I don’t think

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I can send that off. I gotta do the NPP too. They can get back MUCH faster now I got customs figured out.

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Bummer on the primo. May still grab some

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Small batch. I’ll remake it. But at least you guys know where you are and I’ll leave it on sale to make it right. Then resend the new batch out for a dosage testing.

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The missing or out of synch invoice or reference # might have been generated for other customers needing testing of the same compound DC sent.

Doing one run of multiple samples of the same compound saves time and money

When we were doing all that testing years ago …..SIMEC would do that because of cost and availability of the pure standard they use when running the mg/mL quantitative test

Its just my option tho. Like assholes everybody got one Smile

Good to see your Shitty Avatar
It’s been awhile
Hope all is good in the hood on your end

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Yeah since you’re trying to discredit me, the numbers are on there. You can go look at the link and the reference number. They’re there. Plug them into his site. You can do the work. I’ve got zero to prove. Thanks

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I verified a few of them using the keys at the bottom of each report …

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Just another individual on another source trying to discredit 6k in testing (added rush fee). Anyone can ask jano is something is hidden. All verify as you say. And two test came out under (primo and tren e)… but I’m hiding stuff lol. I think it’s best I let test talk and ignore certain ppl

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Great numbers thanks for testing

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Very nice results, everything looks promising. I'll be putting an order in soon.

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Thanks for posting! Your gonna be a busy man!