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Okay fellas. Here it is! Some randoms but also one particular lab that has been in question.

Oil 1- Sciroxx Tren E 200
Oil 2- Titan Mast E 200
Oil 3- OTB Mtren 5mg
Pill 1- Enhanced Body Halo 10mg

Every one one of these samples clearly meets the standard of +/- 10% within claimed dosing, save for Titan which was overdosed. I’m not upset about that but damn happy to have had it all tested.

The experience w Jano was great. Very firmly confident he is legit - having sent in these blind random samples. It’s not cheap but the peace of mind you can’t really put a price tag on.

Confident in these Brands!

Obviously OTB has been under serious scrutiny. So I think having this exotic blind sample sent in was really important. If he’s dosing this correctly, chances are he’s not skimping on others. At least as of recent. Albeit it is one snap shot in time so take it for what it’s worth.

Enhanced Body is an overseas source that is DIRT cheap. Sources that claim to produce their own Raws and have prices like that I think can always be in question. They were spot on with the halo.

Only tested Sciroxx and Titan because I’m using them for prep, which I wasn’t worried about either but figured if it’s gear for a National show it’s important to be fully confident. I’ve used TITAN for every show thus far. They have been the one domestic source I’ve stuck with the longest. Since the first year I came to EROIDS. Love you long time Unc.

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Thanks switch, please contact me to refund whatever u spend in form of store credit, also dont forget to review/vote when the time is right

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Will do man. Thank you

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Ty for the contribution to the community

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Thanks for the testing, we did overdose that by a bit much. Usually we keep Inj at 5-10% over and orals at 3-5%.
I know exactly what happened here and I'll be honest, if you didn't catch this, it would have likely happened again on the next batch of Mast E. Thanks Switch for keeping us sources honest.

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Grateful you’re still around bro. Keep it up!

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Thanks for testing!:!

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Thanks for testing switch +. I agree that Jano is legit. Always correctly identifying blind samples. He is who I will continue to use. Easy to deal with him.

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+1 for helping the good people of eroids.

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Good shit , switch fucking dude stays helping the cumminty and providing test reports, I haven't ordered from titan yet but he seems to for awhile now be putting out good gear, and enhancedbody stays having the best prices and has contuined to put out probably dosed oils and orals and compounds that are faked the most and the most expensive raws wise...... As for otb I'm gunna keep my opinion to myself ...... But it's nice to see good lab testing thanks again switch for contuining to test man u and the rest of the guys deserve alot expecially serra and maddog and I sure there is plentyyyy of others.... This customer testing randomly is what matters and allows the cumminty to make smart and Informed purchases on which arcs to purchase there gear from.... Great job brother

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+2 for testing

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Awesome. +1

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Right on. Thanks Switch, +1…or whatever the new system lets me give ya

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Good lookin ' out switch. Acceptable results across the board. +1

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Thanks for testing

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Very welcome

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Nice, i have a bottle of that Sciroxx tren E. Thanks bro

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Nice bro. I’m starting mine this week. Happy to help

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Been thinking about sending some samples to him also. Are you in the US? How hard is it to get a sample to him?

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Yes I am. Not hard at all. PM me if you need info

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Thanks for testing bro. Idk if I’m even allowed to +1 anymore with my karma being gone. Nice to see properly dosed halo.

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I’ve no idea either. But for sure!

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Nice!!! Thank you for testing Sir!!!

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Very much appreciated. Uncle over by 20%.
Will you need to adjust your dosage for your prep?

Will you even have time with it being Enth?

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Of course. Decrease volume which doesn’t bother me any. And plenty of time I just started this week.

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Best of luck my man.

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Thanks bro I appreciate it!

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  • thanks for testing buddy
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Yessir, we’ve gotta get more of this testing done as a community