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+ 29 Iron Lion hgh labs!! Wow!


I went and got my igf levels a while back and they were at the very bottom of the scale. Tanked.

2iu of hgh mon-friday every morning pre workout. The results speak for them selves. Hugely impressed!

4 weeks of 2iu, mon-fri

From 67 to 287!!!! On just 2iu!

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2iu and blood test crazy!
The hgh is overdosed bro?
LOL ah ah ah

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I went from baseline tanked to what the test shows. The numbers are there.

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Rusty how do you store your HGH. I have read two different things. Fridge and room temp. I am talking about the Unmixed dry HGH.

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Im keeping my unmixed in cool dark drawer. Mixed in fridge. Does make me wonder though as its not hard to put unmixed in fridge too

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Thank you. I see different opinions but I know you do it right with those test numbers.

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Yessir. Only can keep a good rep by being real. If needed i can easily give my password to a mod for a check.

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Thinking about pulling the trigger on 200IU of these. How's the sides been, if any? Sleep?

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First timer so had lil water retention. Slept like a rock. Prior to start id toss and turn a lot. Fixed that issue. Lol

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Very nice Rusty +

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Thank you! Gonna get the grey tops started soon and test those next. Theyve been staring at me. Lol

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Thanks for the share bro. Those numbers are amazing off only 2iu. Sure wish I would have known this a few months ago.

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I saw theyre having another promo. Might get lucky!

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Thanks for testing RH

Man your resting/base IGF1 is so loooooow

Maybe that’s why you’re so short? .)

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Wasnt tall enough for the big kids levels. Haha!! And forget about rides at the fair too. Cant reach the height minimums.

That low number was the eye opener. Reality check on simply getting older.

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Nice +1

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Thanks bro! Still pushing for goals Smile

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Insane numbers for that dose!! Happy gains! ++

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Maybe because my system was so low prior? Either way, not gonna complain. Lol

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Outstanding thanks showing rusty might have to pull the trigger on this source.

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Im happy. It got me outta the gutter where i was.

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+1 nice bro

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Thank you bro!

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Very nice!

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I was amazed. I hoped for 200 since i was bottomed out. Opened up the site and wow!

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  1. thanks for testing our orange top puretroin and posting the test results honestly,
  2. wish everyone to test our orange top and grey top puretropin, and post the test results honestly,
  3. when you post the test results honestly, we will keep 100$ as credit store for you, you can use it at anytime.
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Im amazed! More than i thought it would be. Thank you!

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welcome, thanks for shariing ,:)

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That's awesome brother..+1

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Suprising to say the least

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Very nice+

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Great numbers, amazing

Owes a Review × 1
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I was amazed!

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Thanks for sharing Rusty !!!

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Anytime sir!! Next week i get to run bloods for dr on my new trt doses. First timer doing well!

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Fantastic. All slotting into place now with the trt and now a solid over range number from very low normal. No wonder you’re feeling like a new man :-)

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Agree! Keep focused and see what i can do with this.

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Damn man!!!!

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Killer numbers!! +1

Also goes to show the importance of knowing your baseline to compare to.

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Agree! It clearly showed i needed hgh and that it indeed was effective. More than i figured it would be. I hoped for 200

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Plus +1 for the test. I dont know alot about HGH but im glad its going to improve your quality of life bud. Good to see you stoked.

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I avoided it for years because young guys make enough and the cost was prohibitive. After seeing the prior igf levels it was an eye opener that i needed to take a look around.

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Jesus bro that awesome

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Defenitly! I know im getting old and levels drop but at 67 i knew i should look at options. Didnt expect this

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Don’t change a damn thing. Wait till that 6 month mark and you’ll really start to see it. Happy for you brother.

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Im excited for this year. Get a lil ahead in life and see what 2019 brings

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2019 be year of the Polished HookerBeast!