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+ 8 Intex Ment e


Ment e arrived so starting my cycle today. Yahoo Roidforsale went out of their way to find this for me so big thanks to them. Had to get a reship and they took care of it right away. Took second pic of the bottle so you get a better idea of color. Real pretty color Lol
This will be the cycle if anyone is interested:

Ordered from: 
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Have you started running the ment from Intex yet? And if so what’s your opinion of it?
Looking at ordering some myself.

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up 12 lbs in only 3.5 weeks. that's alot for me. Pretty potent.

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Mmmm blood honey haha let us know how you get on with it

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1st shot gave me covid Lol

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Beautiful mak !

Boy you gone pack some serious size , look forward to your log brother

Im gone do log too , test-tren-var-gh

Lets goooo



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I just came to ask about the lab. I just TRIED to take my first test C from these guys and the pip was insane. I could not finish the first shot. Switched to a different labs test c, went into the muscle smooth as butter.

Anyone have any experience with this lab? I still have 2 viles of Mast E ready to finish off cycle with it. My question is...will I be able to? Are ALL their oils the most literal of sense?

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Strawberry pancake syrup! Looks like some fire

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Man I haven’t took Trest in a long time. Make me want to go pick 10 vials up and go for a wild ride. Side note why is it so dark?

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I seen your going to add caber. Is it because it's a 19? Are you anticipating problems or know it will happen an getting a jump on it?

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19-nor. Tren I don't need caber, never run it high enough, NPP no caber unless over 300mg. Going to be proactive with this since my first time running it and really not sure of impacts. 0.5mg/wk of caber wont' crush my prolactin but it can save me. Something feels off then I'll get some bloodwork to confirm.

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I should learn to read better al my answers were right there my bad bro. That looks like a bad ass cycle my man

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Look like sweet honey lol

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Looks good big dude just wondering how often and how much a week will you run it. N how long you think? Bulk or cutting this round?

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300mg/wk. Has to be a bulk if it is anything like ment a. Become a bottomless pit with that. Details of cycle are in log above.

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Wow dark juice

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Would say it is some good tren if I didn't know it was ment e.

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That’s a bit darker then that Ment A I had …… Lol Damn.

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“androgen/anabolic steroid (AAS) and SARM medication under development by the US Government, The Population Council, and university partners for potential use as a form of hormonal birth control for men and for androgen replacement therapy to treat hypogonadism, but has never been marketed for medical use.

Trestolone is an extremely potent 19-nor derivative oft-described as a cross between Trenbolone and Nandrolone, as “Test on steroids” or “supercharged Test”—yielding all of the most powerful and impressive traits of Deca, Test, and Tren combined, yet without the harsh sides or setbacks. Perhaps more so than any other compound, MENT is highly capable of eliciting serious gains in mass and strength over a relatively short period of time.”

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I never heard before this new gear.Waiting for your feedback.

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Dear lord!! Look at that beautiful amber color that shit looks delicious keeps us posted on that stuff!

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