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Had to take a morning shot for motivation today. Been back in the gym now for about 6wks after over a year off and trying to drop my covid 20. Was a real bummer not working out. Gained to much weight and now working hard to shed it. Not running any cycle yet. Just 125mg of test e every 10 days. Need to drop some more bodyfat and then looking to run a nice easy cycle. Couple more weeks and I should be there. Probably going on a year and half since I ran any cycle so just going to do something like 500mg/wk of test which should be plenty after being so long since I ran a cycle.

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Looking great! Glad you’re back into it. Not lifting sucks. Not only for the body, but for the mind too. I think 500 mg test will do you REALLY good. That’s all I do these days when I go “on” and I feel great on that. And I also feel pretty good on my trt dose, which is very similar to yours.

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Love it bro, back at it!
Missed you around these parts, glad to see you on the boards again. Lookin around 10% give or take so not far off summer condition already

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Getting close to that. Drop a few more pounds and I should be there.

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Solid af....10lbs to go or not, your foods look dialed in bro...

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I had to really buckle down on the diet the last month. Bumped the protein way up and the carbs down and I noticed changes pretty quickly.

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Thick as a brick! +1

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I was pretty soft at first and really flat. Started back up on my creatine and within a couple of weeks filled my shirts back up and put on 7 lbs. My muscles were starving for it and I could tell a big difference in how it thickened me back up.

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Looking good for only being back for a short time! Your body is going to respond awesomely when you decide to get back on a cycle

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Actually really looking forward to running a nice easy cycle.

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Years of dedication there buddy.

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Hopefully got a few more left in me.

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Pretty F'kin Good Pal for only 6 bloody weeks back in the gym!!

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I think having a solid base to work from really helps. I was real surprised how quickly the muscles responded once I got back into the gym. The first couple of weeks were brutal though. Just a few sets of bench or squats and stuff like that made me sore AF. Super easy workouts killed me. Finally at the point now where I can actually do some serious training.

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I've been finding after my injuries and illness's this year that when leaving it 10 days or even 7 its surprising how much fitness and conditioning you loose! Sets that you didn't use to give much thought can get you gassed out when you are loading up the plates on the bar Lol But how much better do you feel after eh?! You remember why you do it again and just getting in the shower again after looking at yourself in the mirror makes you feel great for the day ahead :-))

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I have finally come to the conclusion that at my age it is much easier to stay in shape than it is to get back into shape. When I was younger I could let myself go a bit and then bounce right back after getting in the gym. That is not the case anymore. Takes months now instead of weeks.

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Looking good bro+

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Thanks bro.

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Good mass bro and lean as well! Headed up to 210 this year?

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I am sitting around 205 right now. Going to drop down to 200 and then try to build it back up with muscle. 210 would be nice but it is a struggle putting on additional muscle at this stage in the game. Worth a shot though.

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I was almost at 210 on Test, NPP & Dbol and gaining literally by the day. For sure you could see it was a mixture of water, fat & muscle but because I am so lean naturally it still looked good. The problem was the recovery aspect was nowhere near as good as what I am use to, normally I can train a big exercise heavy twice a week no problem. So I added the tren back in and immediately the scales start going down from sweating buckets in bed and not being able to eat quite as much. But the recovery is 2 fold and the strength comes in droves, but the size goes down. Is there any way around this or is it just that you have to live with it?

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It definitly gets slower as we age....ugh! But hell, ive got no doubts you could still rank high in lt heavy class.

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Welcome back old man

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Feeling old too but starting to get back into now that I have been back to the gym.

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Solid considering a year out doing very good bro.

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Wasn't happy how I looked so really busted my but the last 6wks. Dropped over 10lbs of fat and looking to do another 10.

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I have a lot of test I need to use up.

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