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+ 12 Insubolic+Q-tropin landed


Ordered, landed a few days later like always. Very fast.
Everything came in cold packs and were surprisingly still cold inside the packages. Started the HGH yesterday in combination with my other generic HGH till that runs out in a few days.
I'm extremely excited to use this rhIGF-1, But I have to wait another 30 something days in which I will be starting a big blast mass phase. I have 8 months to put on an impossible amount of muscle, which I will prove it is in fact not impossible if all conditions are met. The IGF-1 in combination with the HGH and AAS And of course perfect diet training and sleep is of utmost importance. Never missing a meal, never missing a workout, and never missing an 8 to 9 hour sleep. Fortunately my life supports me to uphold these conditions 24/7. So if I fall shorts, I know it was something I did, and I can point the finger at myself.

Just a reminder guys, there's no excuse not to be the very best you can be.

I went off on a tangent LOL But just wanted to say thank you RS for being so consistent over the last decade that I've known you You guys have been in the game for so long for a reason. You've seen 95% of the competition come and go. All you newer guys, remember that when you are looking for a source!

One last thing, I will be starting a log in about a month logging my transformation and focusing on the benefits of this rhIGF-1 So that people can become more familiar with it. I think it will be a game changer if you are at a higher level in bodybuilding and are used to using slin.

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Nice score @

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Awesome body brother. I hope this gets you even more gains!

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Me too man, thanks!

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Wow, bro I am so happy for you. Enjoy, this is done if the best HGH and IGF around. I hope you did not take all and leave me with nothing:-). Placing my order next. Enjoy.

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Haha thanks man, ya I'm excited

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It is where I will order my GH from again. I have referred it suggested to about 8 people to buy from RS if they want the best GH or IGF1 as these to me are close to pharmacy you will get without being legit big pharm. Great order!!!!

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Better do it now while there’s a sale. Then a month shop is closing. Opening with 130IU qtropin when they do. So excited ! Love RS!

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Bro ya this hgh is at or above pharm grade hgh. I can attest to that. And the IGF is in fact real igf1, and in fact better than increlex. The reason is because this is more stable and actually stays active in the body much longer then increlex. Increlex has a 15min life in tissues. For that reason insubolic is ahead by a mile. And waaaay cheaper.
RS is the only supplier of rhIGF1 that has real and actual data with real science to back it up.

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I am so excited for you!!!

Debating hitting the IGF1 harder (500-750) than my usual 200-300mcg/day from the last time.

Very exciting to see everyone jumping in on Qtropin and Insubolic as I've had excellent experiences with both...debating whether to hit the IGF1 harder during a prep or wait till post show.

I'm all ramped up dammit. LOL

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Thanks man, I am too! Man when I first took qtropin last prep, It was the best look I've ever had. It helped in so many ways. Before that, I always used China generics which worked but there was an immediate difference when I moved to qtropin and the end result was much more impressive. I don't get bad bloat with this hgh too which is awesome.
So today I did a quick trial run with 100mcg in each lat before back an bis, and man the pump was crazy. Glucose was basically untouched when I checked post workout before my next meal. So that's good. Im not gonna take anymore till this cruise is over, but I couldn't help but try some today haha!
Let me know if you up the dose to 500-750. I'll be doing that later into my blast as well. I wanted to try up to a mg just for science sake lol

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How long you gonna run igf for?

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For the next 8 months straight pretty much. I need to gain 30lbs+ of stage weight which is gonna be hard, but that's why I have the IGF. Going to push the limits of what's possible.

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Bout to make a donation myself!

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Hell ya dude

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Donation made:)

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Self accountability is the mark of a vet. + 1

I do not think I am anywhere near ready for rIGF1 but I will be following your log brother, very interesting and something I basically did not believe was accessible without deep connections.

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Dude, I thought the same thing besides increlex. A few years back when RS came out with his rhIGF-1, I wasn't "serious" that year in bodybuilding, I had takin time off from the sport, So I never purchased it to try. Now that I'm 100% balls to the wall 24/7, it's time to pop my cherry LOL.
Also bro, I'm supposed to wait till end of my cruise to start the IGF-1, but today I couldn't help it, I just had to try it, I had back and biceps today so I had my girl pin 100mcg into each lat Right before my workout and after a hearty carb rich meal and holy shit man. Wild wild pumps! My lats we're ingorged as f. And Even though it was locally injected, it seemed to have a systemic effect as well, cuz it looks like I was pumped everywhere, and I have veins popping out that don't usually pop out like that.
So it was very noticable.
I checked pre and post-workout blood glucose as well, which was perfect both times.
Wild stuff. I'm on 6iu qtropin and 4iu of generic HGH so 10iu/day.
I'm making a lot of progress on my "cruise" right now. I've put on 4 solid ass pounds. I honestly didn't think I would make this much progress on a cruise with only 200 test, and a sarm, but things are rollin nicely

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Damn man you tempting me now!! I've barely messed with insulin and GH until recently though so I need to be patient!! Increlex was always the secret drug I heard about, I hate to say it to some of the people on here but I do not believe that lr3 it's very effective for the cost. But rIGF1 is much different.

LOL honestly I was going to say I am surprised you were not able to at least try it! Hell yeah bro, this cruise is probably going to feel like a lifetime though lol

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Haha yea I'm counting the days.
Also, ya man, people have no clue. I hear some people get "good" results with lr3, but the problem is it's untested, no data, no trials, no safety profile, nothing. And I don't care what anyone says, lr3 or Des will never be as effective as real bioavailable igf1. It simply can't. I've tried lr3 on a few occasions in the past and the most I ever got out of it was a pump. I didn't gain any tissue tho as far as I'm concerned.

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100% Agree man, LR3 has some extremely limited studies and nothing in human models. Unlike rGH and rIGF. I have never tried it but have had clients insist on using it and have seen less than impressive results, like you said overpriced pump.

The only person who has ever told me they use it was a Mens Physique Pro out of Malaysia (not sure if it was IFBB, he did not specify when he told me he was a pro), had great upper body size. He used 500mcgs pre workout as like his very last addition to his cycle once everything else was maxed (AAS/Slin/GH).

Thing was he owned a peptide company LOL and could afford to pin half a bottle of LR3 preworkout. He was on so much shit though theres no way he could see a benefit, he agreed. Sometimes bodybuilders will incorporate something just for almost habits sake. I see it a lot precontest when I work with older bodybuilders. Proviron, certain orals, its like they do not want to NOT include it because at some point it produced some certain look they are trying to recreate. Most do not realize how little androgens have to do with hardening up IMO thats carbs and water manipulation first and AAS second. Man got off topic on that one, night time joint will do that

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Haha ya but you're absolutely right!

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Better than Oxytropin? Or same quality?

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Never had oxytropin but I know for a fact qtropin is pharma quality or better.

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Boss Order!!!!

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Very nice order. I'm starting to save up for a bunch of the igf1 myself, I did hear from multiple people that it is some next level stuff. Ive been meaning to try it but my money situation has held me back unfortunately. I'll be keeping an eye out for your log. Good luck B safe.

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Thanks man, yeah it definitely seems to be next level. A lot of people get it confused thinking this is IGF1 LR3 or DES, when they are two completely different things. I hope you get to try it man!

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Nice score! Good luck

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