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+ 3 Igf results on Qtropin & test cruise


Been on qtropin 4 months now 6-8 ius a day depending on workout schedule.

Fasted 10 hours.

Didn’t pin for 2 days because I do 5 days on 2 off. I went to my primary care and she wanted me to do blood work because of what we discussed during my visit. So I decided to do it immediately in office or I would of done what people suggest fast 12 hours pin 10ius 3 hours prior to lab test but given my schedule I didn’t have the time and the reason I decided to do labs then is because I want to jump back on gear ASAP.

Had a full panel done but only posting test and igf results the good stuff lol.

For test I’m pinning 125mg test cyp along with 100mg of prop once a week on mondays also using hcg 2x a week. Was also cruising with 200mgs of primo 100mg monday 100mg Thursday but need to send the primo to get tested still very iffy about it. Cruise has lasted 90 days now. Blasting again starting next monday.

Test cyp - no excuses.
Test prop - roidsource.
Hcg - China.

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200mcg twice a week and none at all man but I’ve never really had any estrogen issues even when on deca and stuff luckily.

I always have some liquid arimidex on hand.

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With that dose I wouldn't expect much in the way of estro. Good 400mcg does the job for you? I am trying to find a dose to run with my TRT.

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Very true yeah I just followed what my trt clinic recommended when I first jumped back on.

Me and the wife are going for a baby after my next cycle gonna do a pregnancy protocol.

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I'll be curious what your pregnancy protocol will be. Keep me updated. The wife and I are possibly looking at IVF so I am at least trying to start to bring them back to life for when that time comes.

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Yes sir will do I’m gonna get a pretty reputable pro to lay out the protocol so I’ll let you know it will be a few months till I start it though.

Yeah Ivf may have be are option as well if this doesn’t work.

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Looks good. How much HCG do you use? Any estro issues with it on cruise dose?

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For fertility mak hmg is best way to go.