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This is 4/5 weeks in, body fat is falling off.

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Crazy shape brother, congrats
Taking IGF-1 can be a great way to get in shape and improve your health. IGF-1 has been shown to help build muscle mass, reduce body fat, and boost immunity. Additionally, IGF-1 can help increase endurance and energy levels,

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That's a heluva man sweater my dude!

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Great shape. How old are you?

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Just turned 49, getting old lol.

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Nice!! Age is just a number !

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Soild!!! Well done buddy

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Glad to hear it is treating you well bro. Been seeing a lot of great feedback on that specific product. +1

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Diesel if you want to try message me il' give you an adress brother

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Wow, look solid! Hope you are enjoying your cycle my friend

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Yes thanks your infrajet is great stuff.

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It is definitely in style now adays to shave that hairy thing.
Would look alot mre ripped also. Great job by the way

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It's winter lol I'll sort it for the summer.

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Looking ripped. And I Agree it’s winter time deal with that shit in the summer. Lol.

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Wrong… every girl I’ve ever been with has specifically asked me to not shave my chest. The only girl that preferred a hairless chicken was my gf when I was 18-19.

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Damn! I hope my infrajet lands someday. You’ve got me excited. All you need now is a bottle of Nair. All that hair will be gone in twenty minutes. +1

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How are you running the igf ?..what's your protocol ..are you pinning pre workout or post..split up or once a day ..lookin good brother

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I'm taking 1mg preworkout intramuscular, combined with 5iu GH daily, and 250mg test e weekly.