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+ 2 HGH and EQ


SP Laboratories Equipoise 400mg x 2
Somatoged HGH 100IU

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How you like the somatoged? I just picked up 2 more recently.

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You bought the last Somatoged fucker! I wanted that! Lol, glad to see you coming back here bro. Best juice!

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I know, I tried to get a couple but it wasn’t meant to be.

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Have no fears, little birdie told me about couple weeks and we will be good ;))

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Good to know

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One of these days I will pull the trigger on hgh. Have never tried it.

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Stay tuned on my cycle, I am going to keep it up with pics, bloods, stats, etc. I’m about 8-10 away.

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Enjoy bro

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That’s good to hear, never tried SP before