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+ 4 Gorillakingz 200mg primo


Saw that Gorillakingz just brewed up a batch of 200mg primo so I had to check it out. I have about 1 shot left of my current batch of primo so I will switch over to this next. Probably be pinning it tomorrow or Friday so I will know about pip then. Ordered friday and arrived monday. That is about the quickest TA I have seen.

I actually just wanted the banana.

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4 days?! Hold my beer, I'm moving to "Merica"

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Welcome to America

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@Makwa which do you prefer? Primo or Dhb? These two 5a's are somewhat related correct?

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Nothing beats DHB. I have ran a predominantly primo prep cycle and obviously a DHB prep cycle. Primo gets me 2nd place and DHB gives me overalls. I gotta have a little DHB in all my cycles now.

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I second the notion. DHB stole my heart after the first set of the 4th week lol

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I hear ya...Dhb first place and Primo second place.

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So now there's a Primo 200 shortage along with Dhb 200 shortage! Lol you're killing me Mak

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Damn your quick!!! Wtf +1

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Enjoy my friend....and thanks a lot !

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I'm loving the other oils from them, so I'm sure this will be lovely and near pip free. I hope they stay consistent cuz they got potential to be top 10 domestic

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Wow that was fast Makwa

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Are you gunna be pinning it straight or mixed?


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It will be mixed with 200mg DHB and the 600mg Triblend (Test/tren/mast). Currently no pip with all that so I will just be replacing my current primo with this one so hopefully the shot will stay pip free.