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+ 1 Gorilla King TD!!!!


1 kit black top hgh
1 liquid cialis

Ordered Monday afternoon(holiday), received Thursday. Three days from order to my door. Ripped pack open, and hit that dropper for that banana flavored juice. Picked it up for BP ++. Currently on blacktops about a month in. Definitely feel the swelling/tingling in hands and feet, sleep has improved and skin feels a bit smoother. GK is definitely setting the bar, quality products(tested) at awesome prices delivered super quick.

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Damn cialis is no joke guys. I hit 10 mg upon arrival had stuffy nose and a stiff hose. Lowered to 5mg stuffy nose better and still my guy still spontaneously wakes up. Anybody looking for some banana juice this will definitely get the job done and taste pretty damn good too.

And fellas she’ll like it too wink wink. (Ala Frank Thomas aka Big Hurt)

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Nice! How much bac water u using for each blacktop? I’m about to start on gk been on some other sources hgh but I’m just curious about the mixing

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I use 1ml per vial

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Thank you

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Thank you GK