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+ 5 Gold TD’s on the Farm !


Ok here it is…….another Golden Banana drops !
Picked up plenty of Test E and NPP for this cycle I just started up. Needed some HcG, but was out online. GK took care of me, without question, and tossed in 4 when I only asked for 2. Good
Will be doing a review on the GK gear I use for this of course.

In prep, went to donate too. Basic cholesterol check looks good too. Will be doing Test level later on.

@Claudezilla We had a deal bro, you with me ??

Super Thanks to GK and all his hard work. Ok

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Oh snap Mac, damn, enjoy the sunshine bro!

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Good luck Mac! Got ole Claudezilla with ya.

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Congrats, Bro!

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Thank you Brother !
Can’t wait to see the assortment this haul brings in Ok

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Very nice and a well deserved golden nanner

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Appreciate it bro. And it can really help to have good friends here too Good
with this very generous promo to a winner and a buddy.

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Congrats bro. Glad to see the rewards are falling in good hands. Well deserved!

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Thanks bro. Even the Ms. put in new profile pic.

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Oh yes!!! What a woman you have!! Tell her the community greatly appreciates her boobies…respectfully of course!!

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No disrespect ever taken. She’s an awesome woman and a good sport.

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That’s awesome brother. Nothing is better than having full security in your relationship. I’d post my wife’s tits on here if she let me too……maybe one day I’ll try my luck lol.

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Good luck. ROFL
I have to catch her in the right mood Lol

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You got you a young one Mac? I bet she's not a year over 30! Body looks young or what we see at least seems to be of a younger woman.

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Over 30 but younger than me for sure, with a body most co-eds would kill for Lol
I'm working to keep her healthy... and with just little HgH, peptide,etc help keeping her going strong Ok

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Yea buddyy! There ya go!

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I Hate blood drain pictures - they make me feel queezy. Stick the Goats up bro!!!

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I’ll add some here tomorrow. Babies are getting bigger…….