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+ 10 Godtropin IGF1


I have been using Godtropin for 3 weeks now,only about 18 days when tested. 6iu split am/pm sub q
I did not inject in the morning before this lab.And i had been off groeth for a couple weeks before starting GT
I am having some mild sides and i think i am starting to shed some fat but too early to tell
I will report back in a couple weeks.So far I am impressed with my numbers.This stuff is far better then the other generics I purchased on eroids.

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Can anyone answer why 3 members who have posted bloodwork for Godtropin have been banned in the past week?


What's going on here?

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I am curious as well...

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I don' know about the others (haven't looked at their tests) but this test result is bogus. Hit me up by PM and I'll explain why.

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I have a theory.... But I also don't know Shit lol

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Nice numbers! Thanks for posting!

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Send hailrazor a vial someone.

Let's see what's in here

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Explain how sending a member could ever yield a test result that isn't tainted?

A member is not a 3rd.party tester
A member does not have a lab that can be acredited
And a member cannot sign there. Real name on the sheet
A member cannot be trusted with testing them self. Period
I don't care who it is

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I have access to an accredited lab(s).


The majority of the labs I've posted are from accredited labs. I actually have a legit account with two of them. Scary but True! (I ordered a kit just for shits n giggles BTW Smile )

So sending samples to a lab abroad that was paid for by the source selling the products (samples) to be tested is legit? Wouldn't the purchaser of the test have say on what is actually being tested ? I'm confused

Not sure how I could "Taint" a poorly crimped Blue Top vial of Recombinant HUNAN Growth Hormone

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I'm still wondering y I'm seeing both generic and pharma serum in the low 30s but y is generic showing considerably higher igf serums? Any one care to chime in?

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Good stuff?

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Aren't these 12 iu per vial.

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Yea they are but over a period of about a month I'm seeing the igf higher on the generics. When usually ran 3 to 5 Iu of each

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Thanks for posting +1

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+1 ... reminds of the old days of the rips. I am seeing results. Increased pump at the gym, faster recovery, excellent sleep, hair is growing like crazy. Running 2.5iu AM & PM

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+1 for labs bro. Nice numbers

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good igf score! hopefully results are there as well
+1 for testing bro

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