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+ 3 Godtropin IGF-1 levels on 3 IUs


Hi guys, I took 3 IUs on an empty stomach and bloods were drawn 2h 46min after the injection. At that time, I was using Godtropin for 2 months on a 5 on 2 off schedule. Bloods were drawn on the 5th on day of that schedule.
Good sleep and fat loss, some water retention and mild CTS sides. Overall good product. What do you guys think?

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Tried to message you but we are not friends. I gotta quick question on this remark. It makes sense.

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IGF-1 3 hours peak - Nope.
GH peaks between 2-3 hours after injection.

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just a tip, if u are not doing GH serum u dont have to do the test after few hours after injection, igf peaks after 24h so it doesnt really matter when to do the test, for GH serum is a different story

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