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+ 7 Godtropin Growth Hormone Serum Test


I injected 12iu 3h40m before GH Serum Test. I accidentally took my Meloxicam that morning for the Arthritis in my back. Not sure if that had any effect on the test. I noticed my results were a lil less than some of the others that tested.

But it was still 25.5 ng/mL !!!!!

I'm also on a tren a, test p, anavar cycle & was having to take 2 Tylenol PM to help me sleep. But since I started taking Godtropin I no longer need the Tylenol Pm tabs. I sleep like a baby without them.

Thank You GT

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Appreciate these bloods! +1

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thanks for the blood test,bro

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Thank You for the excellent GH, my brother!!!!

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+1 for the bloods man. Good job. I don't need Benadryl or Tylenol pm to sleep on tren if I use Gh and/or peptides. It's nicer than popping pills like a oxy addict lol

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Looks great!!!

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Nice test.

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Looks good to me. +1 for bloods