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+ 8 GK Hittin it Again Back up and Runnin!!!!!


GK back up and runnin already broke the seal on the Anavar has a nice taste interested to see how long it takes to kick in, Thanks for your service GK!!!!

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Way to put some effort in to the photo my man. +1 slut

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I've never felt anything from Anavar except the nice pumps in the gym, but if you leave that under your tongue, it'll hit your body within 30 minutes or so and last for roughly 8 hours. Awesome picture!

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He might be back up and running but apparently not his purple cap supplier

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What would drive me nuts like looking through this supply/warehouse and having like 4 different shades of purple. I don’t care cus his gear doesn’t last long in my stash, it’s always what I run through first

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I run too much sauce to have a stash lmao

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You’re just not buying enough then Wink

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Facts lol some folks dooms day prep food water and weapons…..I have ALL the gear for a small army

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