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  • Big ian   •   Thu, Jan 10th, '19 08:41   •   5 replies, 220 views

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Freak kindly let me in on this awesome promo so I decided to give some para and dragon orals a shot, genuine sdrol and m1t seem hard to get these days but heard good reports from people I respect on here so am optimistic. Will review in a few months when I get to use them.

Thanks Freak :-)


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  • ugfreak
  • 6 months ago

Thanks for sharing buddy :) our pleasure!

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  • GrowMore
  • 6 months ago

Time to get freaky ! That superdrol is crazy

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  • stairmaster
  • 6 months ago

I had the M1T a while ago. I looked like on 300 mg oxy - strength was great!

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Would you recommend it? Or just stick with anadrol?

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Ran DP M1T almost a decade ago, loved it then. Going to give it a shot again this spring. Dont remember the strength gains as it was a long time ago but i do remember being shredded and veiny as fuck lol