+ 8 GAAINZZ(update)


Currently on week 8.

Balkan D-bol from Wolf and steroid-uk 20-50mg a day first 6 weeks
Test c 500mg a week from Mr. Raise and Enhanced

Deca 500mg a week from Bestgear

Added Mast E 300mg a week from Enhanced(week4)

Will continue Test Deca and Mast another 8 weeks or so.

Once or twice a week I use 100mg TNE or 100mg TNE/Dbol blend pre-workout.

TNE from Enhanced
TNE/Dbol blend from Feralgear

Ordered from
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I have some of this mast e in the stash. +1

Minet's picture

good one!+1 keep it up

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Thanks bro.

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+1 bro!

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Thanks Bulk.

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Yes sir!

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Thank you sir!

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lookin like a new man!! Keep pushing bro +1

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A bigger man for sure. Thanks bro.

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Deca is truly an amazing compound. Just look at the difference it's made to your body... Arms and shoulders are popping mate.

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Thanks bro I’m definitely enjoying it.

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Viking warrior look on point, nice solid gains. Well played.

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Thanks bro.

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Great progress for sure!

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Yep thanks Best

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Damn bro, I'd say your gear is good to go. +1, and I dont know if it was intentional, but good thinking using beard growth for timeframe proof lol

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It’s definitely good to go everything’s been growing lol