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  • bigstacks   •   Wed, Feb 6th, '19 02:31   •   3 replies, 434 views

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This is a US Domestic order, first from OS and the first I've placed with anyone in a while. Ready to get back into this game full force!

7x Dragon Pharma Prop
3x Dragon Pharma NPP
1x Dragon Pharma Test Suspension
2x Hucog HCG 5000IU
1x 1mg Caber

1 vial of NPP crashed during shipment (cold weather), but it was easy to warm up and get back to normal. Great experience and customer service, hoping that this is the first of many future orders.


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  • dave77nc
  • 6 months ago

Hey bro - what is the Caber expiration date?

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I'm sorry man, I was not on top of replies after I got my goodies and started focusing on that :). I apologize, I want to help whenever I can.

I'm not exactly sure when the expiration date is for this, the packaging is now gone. But I do remember checking it and if I remember correctly the expiration date was sometime in mid 2020, give or take a few months. I definitely know that I was not concerned at all with it going bad during this cycle or the next.

Sorry I can't be more helpful!

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  • dextetherdog
  • 6 months ago

Can’t go wrong with these guys