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(If I put this in the wrong place I apologize) Goroids was the first place I've dealt online, and they made the experience pleasant. I have always been worried about online, anything really. If you get burned by big retailers how could you trust you won't with this? I ordered and a week later it came. So far so good. Will update later with results.

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I have leftover eq and I didn't post all I bought just one.

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You're going to need more EQ if you plan on running 600mg for 16 weeks...

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I hear you. Online can be a little treacherous if you google ‘ buy steroids ‘ . I found a source in the UK 1st time and they’re still in business today. Not sure if I’m allowed to say their name but they are on eroids. All though that’s not how I found them 9 years ago. Nothing but great service from them.
I’ve only been on eroids about a month bro. When I’ve garnered more knowledge and I’m ready I won’t be looking anywhere other than on here. I live in the US now anyway.
I’m thankful this site exists….. and even more thankful for the people who take their time to support others of all experiences.

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Pretty light, as this is only my 3rd cycle I've ever done. 25 mg anadrol (pictured) ed. 600mg eq weekly (pictured) 400mg test weekly (not pictured) split in 2 injections per week. 4 weeks on oral, dropping off and 16 weeks on injectables. Using organ defense and cardiovascular supplements from huge supplements 2 weeks prior to start, and 2 weeks after I drop the oral I'll cut the supplement dosages in half till the end. 1mg of adex every 2-3 days as I'm estrogen prone. I have been on TRT since I was 20 because I was blessed with a great free and total test number at a young age (total 300 at age 21) so I don't do much in the way of pct other than continue donating blood a few weeks after and low dosage of supplements/healthy diet and go get bloodwork done for the pellet injections (why I don't run high load of test as my pellets put me in the 1400 range to begin with). But if you have any advice on anything I'm always open to hear from personal experience.

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Just wondering if you were including test with it.

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What kind of cycle are you running with that?

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