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The scale has been at 290-292 while I’m in a calorie deficit. This looks like 10-15lbs fat loss? That’s what my buddy said. I’ve got like 70-80 more to go

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Keep it up man, I can notice some progress!
what are you currently taking?

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I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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I was 230 with 22% body fat at one time. I'm 180 6% now . You can see my pics in my profile. It's very very possible to get there bro. Consistency is the secret. No shortcuts. And you will get to a point where you feel like giving it's never going to happen. But don't let the voice of doubt lie to you. I assure you. If you stay WILL see those abs one day....I NEVER thought I'd have visible and..

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You got any before pics?

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I do. Just a couple because I didn't like taking pictures of myself...not very good ones . But I could edit the face out and upload them.

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There's some members wanting to see if the thick vein is still there Biggrin

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I did something even better. Pics of the lowest points in my life

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Let me see what I can dig up

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Here's some pics of my worst physique shots

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Awesome man! Just keep at it! You will be hitting your goal in no time.

Keep it up!

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For a bit of encouragement, look up ethan suplee's transformation. Keep it up brother

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Looks good don't use the scale though. I'm in the same boat covid and depression for the last few years have made me gain alot. My weight hasn't dropped any but my belt moved from barely getting the first hole to now the 4th and alot of people are saying I'm slimmer. Take pics and trust the mirror not the scale.
Keep working hard brother.

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good job brother
hard work pays off
keep going

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Good job bro keep up the awesome work.

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Keep up the hard work! You are part of the community and we encourage you!

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Keep up the hard work!

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Work it kid! My son was your size, and he lost ninety pounds in the first eight months with a strict diet, training, and low dose of Test. You can do it too, just don’t get discouraged and NEVER quit trading again. Looking forward to your after pics six months from now.

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Persist! There is a bad ass motherfucker inside you. Take reasonable steps. Don't get overwhelmed.

Sick ass tats too!

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What wheight did you start at ? Not sure how to answer exactly, how long have you been at it , how much of a calorie deficit are you running per day/week ect. You have definitely made a nice difference in the right direction .

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Blind out your face

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Thats better! Keep pushing forward bro you will get there take pictures every 2-3 weeks in the beginning to keep the motivation up !! Good luck

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