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+ 16 Evening pump


Great pump this evening. Tren is doing what it do!

Ordered from: 
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Eww what? I did not, I actually gave + Only spread some juicy "hate" in the comments bellow my man. Smile

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The neg up there was yours...its right on your feed...your page. Lol

@Greg can see or change it

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You're right, I can see that on my page as well... It wasn't meant to be thumb down, I probably missclicked... I fixed that by myself... (y)

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Probably an accident

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I tried placing an order today, but it said you only take bitcoin. Is that the only form of payment you accept? I ended up using another source but really wanted to try your Tren

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That's not true, please message me.

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True true

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Accident or no accident he's HOOKED by Rusty

In a promo × 1
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Freaking Jacked

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Awesome, any training or cycle logs you're doing?

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Nice work. What are you running?

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Good job man

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Mass monster x shape

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+1 good job

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Look beastly. Amazing gym equipment at that place as well.

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I would really admire your physique bro, if you could only stop using these senseless filters...? These might add a bit of "extra" definition, but your pictures looks like shit.

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Haha, what hate did you smell there? He has great physique, that's without doubts. All I said is that using instagram filters is senseless. Are you blind or how don't you see that terrible quality of picture, caused by multiple compressions....?

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I’m not a fan of filters either. I think people look better without them.

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