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  • IronMind   •   Wed, Jul 8th, '20 16:09   •   5 replies, 220 views

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Animal throwing another party so had to get stocked up for the next transitioning cycle into Fall! Fawwk it's been a hell of a ride on the Tren train and with the Tren Base STACKED with the Supercut Tren Ace...mood swings got me listening to old school Ace of Base lmao...I'm still running that stack till July but with the blends being so smooth here's what I picked up::

1 - Test/Equipoise 400mg (200mg/200mg)
1 - Tren Base 100mg (can you blame me lol)
1 - NPP 100mg (need some joint help lol low dose)
3 - Test Prop 100mg (pipless prop is real!)

Very quick shipping and again responsive and helped me decide which direction to go based on my cycle, so going have me running like a thoroughbred Lol...Animal is a great source one stop shop, great compounds and legitimate wants reviews and feedback to make sure we are happy! Can't wait for those feathery EQ cuts and the NPP should make me feel better about pounding the weights.


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  • terciobold
  • 1 month ago

Labeling misprint?? Is it 100/100 for 200mg/ml or 200/200 for 400mg/ml ?

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Yeah the bottom part lol is mislabeled. It's not 200mg/mL...it's 400mg (200 EQ/200 Test Ethan) per mL, superdose items. I usually been cutting my Supercuts (100mg Tren Ace/100mg mast p/50 test prop) per mL with reg prop or Tren Base because the loaded amount of hormones, like my buddy who's smaller is a lot to handle his using the Super Deca 400mg per mL said it's good just loaded so can stiffness can happen but with his Tim Tam (massage gun) all good!

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  • PPGfreak
  • 1 month ago

What’s this cycle going to look like?!

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  • animal xxx
  • 1 month ago

Bro that eq will have you poppin.

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Been hearing good things.