Enhanced Labs Promo


Enhanced Labs was generous enough to let me try a couple of their products from the Promo.
3 x Sust 250
1 x Test Ace 100
From the time he let me know I was in it took 7 days to get to me which is excellent.
One thing I did notice is that the bottles are most likely hand poured because side by side the levels are all slightly different. However, there are def at least 10ml in each one I can tell just based off experience. Gear looks nice and clear tho so we'll see.
Thanks so much Enhanced Labs!

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All three are filled differently that’s alittle sketchy to me, hand filled is right, machine filled you don’t get that

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I'm not sure. I know he sent me 3 Sust and 1 Test A so it was easy to know which were which ya know.

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each vial comes inside a box man, each box has a number printed on it, please check

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I never asked which was which bro. Read my post.

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Are the oils numbered accordingly to their product chart?

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How you put pictures I can not